HealthDay E-Z Post



HealthDay E-Z Post makes it simple to post HealthDay Consumer or Physician's Briefing news on your Web site. Headlines and the full texts of stories will appear on your site as soon as they are published by HealthDay. And E-Z Post's robust search engine can provide your readers with full-text article search at the click of a few additional keystrokes.


HealthDay E-Z Post is comprised of four pages that you can create in minutes using the E-Z Post client creation tool, which requires
Internet Explorer 6.0 or higher, or Firefox 1.5 or higher.

They are:

  1. main index page
  2. article detail page
  3. search box
  4. search results page

The search box may be combined with either a main index page, article detail page, or both.


For technical support, please contact:


Scott Roberts, Director of Technology

83 East Avenue, Suite 210

Norwalk, CT  06851

(203) 855-1400  x109