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HealthDay E-Z Post

Search Box


Click on the SEARCH BOX tab on the E-Z Post client creation tool. The screen looks like this:


First, enter the same Client ID information that you used to create the main index page.


Next, select the newsfeed from which the visitor can search, either HealthDay Consumer or Physician's Briefing.


Next, enter the full URL of the Search Results page that will display the headlines generated by the visitor's search.


Next, select one of two search box display styles.


Style 1 will display only a keyword search box and a search button:


Style 2 will display a keyword search box, a search button, a category search drop-down,  a topic flag drop-down (Consumer only), or a physician specialty drop-down (Physician's Briefing only).



Next, select a default font for the search box.


Next, select a font size for the search box.


Next, select a font color for the search box.


Next, specify whether the search box will have no border or a border width of 1 to 5 pixels.


Next, if the search box has a border, specify the border color.


Now, select the Generate CSS Code for HealthDay Search Boxes button. As you did with the index page, paste the style sheet (CSS) information into the <HEAD> section of your Web page, and the second portion of code into the actual part of the page where you want the search box to appear.

Create Search Results Page
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